March 16, 2020 - MASPIA Property

5 reasons to Lease next to Chemist Warehouse

Many businesses are drawn to acquiring a property or leasing a property next to a successful retailer. Like many of the non-discretionary grocery and supermarket chains, a strong, highly successful business boosts surrounding businesses.

Here are 5 reasonsĀ  you should lease space near a Chemist Warehouse.

  1. Chemist Warehouse is a retail powerhouse with enormous traffic generation.
  2. Chemist Warehouse has positioned itself as a consumer champion and is reportedly the cheapest chemist in Australia.
  3. Chemist Warehouse is the market-leading chemist in Austalia with over 400 stores Australia-wide.
  4. Chemist Warehouse is known for its marketing prowess creating new and compelling reasons for customers to visit stores beyond the purchase of non-discretionary items.
  5. Chemist Warehouse stores offer essential services and neighborhood landmarks that can’t be missed – Locate next to the big Yellow Box!

Contact MASPIA Property for your chance to co-locate next to Chemist Warehouse and expose your business to Australia’s leading Chemist


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