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Founded by Michael Spektor, MASPIA Property provides White Glove Transaction Management Services for the Retail, Medical and Commercial Property sectors through our highly skilled and experienced team.





The relationships we have built up over the years are deliberate and considered.
We are your partner for the long-term and act accordingly in the short term.




MASPIA Property delivers exceptional outcomes for their partners



Leverage our industry-specific knowledge to build your brand & customer experience




As Founder and Director I’m responsible for ensuring client success.

My passion has led me down a 17-year path of successful client outcomes including work on some of the world’s most decorated properties.

This has afforded me some unique insights and knowledge while never losing focus on the individuals and local neighbourhoods that have contributed along the journey.

Born and raised in Melbourne my career has always been real estate – from residential sales and leasing in South Yarra to Retail and Commercial agency across the globe.

Over the years, I’ve represented some of your favourite local, national and international brands and now I’m here to work with you.

MASPIA Property